Our Team

Dane Nutty-01

Dane Nutty
Executive Director
Indy Public Safety Foundation

Indy PAL is the original community policing model.  We look forward to growing this exciting, proven program.

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Chrissy Wurster-01

Chrissy Wurster
Deputy Director
Indy Public Safety Foundation

My dad still has his Indy PAL basketball trophy on his bookcase.  The impact this program makes is life-long.

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Lea Gurnell-01

Lea Gurnell
Indy PAL

Recognize yourself in he and she who are not like you and me.

Chief Taylor-01

Chief Randal Taylor

IMPD is proud of the impact Indy PAL has made for 80 years in Indianapolis.  We look forward to the next 80!

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Ida Williams-01

Commander Ida Williams

Indy PAL epitomizes the strong link between IMPD and the community we serve.  I’m so proud of our team and partnerships!

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Antwon Keyes-01

Sergeant Antwon Keyes

When you know better, you have to do better.

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Horace Cox-01

Officer Horace Cox

When the lion has roared, who will stand and not fear.

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Randy Diaz-01

Officer Randy Diaz

Together we can strive for greatness within ourselves and each other, setting the example for the future.

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Tronoy Harris-01

Officer Tronoy Harris

Reach one, teach one.

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Khyree Jones-01

Officer Khyree Jones

Leave a mark they can’t erase, neither space nor time.

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