IPSF & IMPD Partnership

Indy PAL is the original community policing initiative – having operated in Indianapolis since 1940.  Since its establishment, tens of thousands of under-appreciated youth have been provided opportunities for meaningful, positive engagement with law enforcement through Indy PAL athletics and activities.  The impact made – both prevention and intervention – is immeasurable.

In January 2019, at the request of IMPD, the Indy Public Safety Foundation (IPSF) assumed administrative oversight of Indy PAL.  IPSF is now responsible for the fiscal, fiduciary and programmatic oversight of this vital community engagement program.

In 18 months, IPSF has invested over $250,000 in the Indy PAL program, primarily in much-needed sporting equipment and supplies.  In 2020, IPSF was awarded an NBA All-Star Legacy Project grant to create two new outdoor basketball courts at Indy PAL’s JTV Hill Center facility. 

In 2020, IPSF achieved a major milestone in the program’s growth and development by hiring the first Indy PAL Director in over 20 years.  Ms. Lea Gurnell has been involved with IMPD and the Indy PAL program for over 20 years.  She brings significant knowledge and experience in engaging under-appreciated youth.

Supporting Indy's 3,200 police officers, firefighters, paramedics, EMTS and more.

IPSF works with Indy’s public safety agencies to support first responders and programs that address public safety.  IPSF’s main focus is on youth engagement and recruitment.  Click here to learn more about the Indy Public Safety Foundation or to make a financial contribution to the Indy PAL program.